27 September 2020


  • MARIDELL JOHANSON’S rehabilitation is going well, and she is improving daily.
  • BUDDY & JOYCE ADAMS’ son-in-law, Dan Streety, has been sick with flu-like symptoms and has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • RICHARD AND GAY PECTOL’S son, Tommy, has a tumor in his throat that is getting bigger. Doctors are still trying to decide the best plan of action.
  • SAM LOPEZ had a successful laparoscopic surgery to remove gall bladder last Monday. He is in the hospital improving.
  • SANDRA HARRIS has been having pain in her back. They have found multiple disc problems, and nerve pain causing her great discomfort. She will have her first epidural spinal injection next Wednesday.
  • HAILEY SPECK friend and fellow dental student of ANNA GREER (Nathan’s girlfriend) was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She will start chemotherapy on Monday.

Continued Prayers:

Edith Baird, Mardi Haefling, Pope Crook, Gay & Richard Pectol, Velma McQueen, Mary Woodward, Bill Hare, Leah Harris, David Guzman, Ricky Greek, Doris Greek, Kristin Freeman, Julie Johanson, Maridell Johanson, Cord Brown, Glenda Olivier

Battling Cancer:

Pamela Cline, Val Dickerson, Debby Dugger, Brian Parr, Scarlet Sammi, Marisol Duran,

Marico Early, Esther Mata


  • DORIS GREEK is having a birthday on October 4th! If you would like to send her a birthday card, her address is:
  • Doris Greek
  • 400 East Parkwood #163
  • Friendswood, TX 77540
  • GENESIS MARTINEZ had a beautiful baby girl Azalianna Cruz Martinez, born September 20th weighing 6lb 15 oz. Proud grandparents are MIGUEL AND VIOLA TREVINO. Congratulations to all!
  • We have returned to having SUNDAY EVENING services at the building. Please join us tonight at 5PM.