Becky Fowler Blackmon

Becky was born in Texas, but raised in Concord, New Hampshire. She received her Bachelors’ degree in education from Abilene Christian University and has taught Junior High School English and Latin.

Becky and her husband Jeff have been married 46 yrs.  Jeff and Becky worship at the Lake Shore Drive Church of Christ where Jeff serves as an elder and Becky helps in teaching the Ladies Bible Class.  They are the proud parents of Jennifer and Jeffery and are blessed to have three grandsons, Will, Max, and Lex and two granddaughters, Nora and Eva.

Becky is the author of three books; “The Begging Place”, “A Pearl Seeker”, and her third book, “Seek the Precious” was published in January 2019. 

Becky feels blessed to have been able to speak to her sisters in Christ all over the United States and her greatest desire is:

“My greatest desire is to please God and to do His will.  I love being able to do seminars and talks for the women of God.  He has blessed me so richly and if there is just one woman—one sister—who needs me in the audience today, then I have come for her.  My prayer is that the Father will use me to help her.”